A Raww Experience

Kamara Brown has been a protective hairstylist for over 9 years. As a young adult in college, She found it very difficult to find a hairstylist that was versatile in all braided styles. Not having many choices she began to think of creative ways to style her natural hair. One of the styles Kamara is best known for is her signature Crochet Braids Afro. After showcasing her work online she received much support from her peers and followers on Instagram. In 2015 Kamara created the brand Rawwintuition from her self-taught background in photography and protective styling. She began working with beauty influencers and held a large clientele of women of all ages.

Her big break came when she was introduced to singer and songwriter Jhene Aiko to create the faux locs for the music video “ The Pressure”.

The debut of the faux locs grabbed the attention of fans and creative within the hair industry. Many wanting to know how they can get the same style and what technique she used to achieve it. From that moment on Kamara has made a name for herself as a protective hairstylist. She continues to provide quality service for her clients and create new hairstyles to fit each of their needs. In 2019 Kamara flew to Paris, France to teach a workshop alongside top hairstylists at the MCB by Beauty Selection.

Now Kamara is on a new venture launching a texture wig line dedicated to women who love big hair. Each wig is hand made to fit the customer’s exact size and customized for the most natural look. Protective styling whether it’s done with synthetic or human hair Kamara wants women to feel comfortable and confident in whichever style they're in.

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